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How To Play

The game is super simple. Just select what decks you want to play with and then hit Play! Draw your cards and you will get a person/character and a situation card. You then get 60 seconds to impersonate that character in that situation! We have multiple rule sets coming available and will add more as we discover new, fun ways to play.


These rule sets have a range of competitiveness too, so you may have a competitive night or a relaxing night where everyone has some drinks, snacks and laughs. Game will end once someone reaches a score you have decided on or whoever has the most points when either the character or situation decks are empty.


We have hundreds of cards available resulting in thousands of combinations. We aren't satisfied with this though! We're still thinking of new topics and adding them in! This is one of the biggest reasons we wanted this to be a digital card game instead of a physical one!



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