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Neo-Leaper is a game fully focused on returning to the basics of mobile gaming. We created it wanting to return to the days with no micro-transactions and fully using ads for revenue. Just because we make revenue from ads, doesn't mean we will spam you with them though. We specifically coded this so that you should have time to play between ads while also giving you the option to watch an ad for a boosted reward.

We wanted to give you reason to play and so we added over a dozen colors for you to unlock and 3 colors to earn. You can customize your ball color, the two colors your trail will change between and the color your ball will glow. Mix and match to your hearts content. You can earn medals by climbing 500, 750 and 1000 feet! You better be on point though! Obstacles get more difficult as you climb!


Platforms start out stable and stationary but as you climb, the begin spinning and shifting. Some times you may have to think and act quickly to get past an especially challenging point with small windows to succeed. But don't worry, there are ways you can get some help.


Earn the Divine Wing power up as you climb and you can get a jump while you are in mid air. Use it in an aggressive approach to launch yourself further up before you use Divine Wings to get yourself onto a platform. Or use it as a safety net to catch yourself from falling after a missed jump. Additionally, you bounce when you hit walls so you can perform complex jumps if you want to approach a jump from a different angle.


Use Neo-Leaper to challenge your friends for who gets to pick dinner, who gets to drive, or any other time you want to replace Rock-Paper-Scissors with a skill based option in Neo-Leaper.

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