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Pherixx Beats Signed!

It's been a while since we've had a post on here. A couple of updates to give you.


Firstly, our first game will be getting announced very soon. We had some setbacks that pushed things back but we'll be announcing the game soon with a short video. We have a few minor points of functionality to complete and music to add.

This brings me to my second update! We have officially partnered with Pherixx Beats! He's a hip hop artist who regularly creates new beats with a relaxed vibe. You can check him out on Spotify or SoundCloud to hear his work!


Third announcement is that we have a second project in production right now! We have a second developer who is working on an adventure game that will be announced further down the road when the game is ready! We're looking forward to all of the work he's putting in to this game to get it's chance to be shown off.

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