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What's in a Name?

Life can get busy when you are working a full time job, preparing for a baby, doing normal house work and trying to get additional work done for a new mobile game, so the last few weeks were quiet in terms of articles. In an effort to avoid more periods of long silence, I will be writing smaller articles to fill the gaps that address smaller topics. This is one of those weeks.

One of the questions regarding the company is “Why is it Monkey Brain Labs?” and this is a good question. I could have called this company Monkey Brain Games or anything else. I can address this in two key sections, first being ‘why Monkey Brain’ and second being why ‘labs’ instead of ‘games’.


As for why Monkey Brain was used as the base of the name, I wanted a name that was unique and had a feel of fun and humor. This was difficult to come up with but when I thought about what I was going to use as a logo, I thought of an image that I had created myself back in high school. A close friend always grinned and shouted “Monkey!” whenever I would draw it, so I felt it was a good caricature of a monkey and continued drawing it to this day.

This made me want a name that would involve monkeys since I wanted the logo to be something I could personally create. After that, the scene from Indiana Jones came to mind when Indy and his gang are eating at a sultan's palace in the Temple of Doom. Dessert is chilled monkey brains. The scene was humorous and memorable, so I decided I would use “Monkey Brain” in my company name.


As for why I chose to use the word labs in the company name, I simply didn’t want to limit myself to strictly games. I wanted the ability to produce useful apps, possibly do publishing of any stories involving any intellectual properties from the company, and even leave the door open for anything I couldn’t even imagine. Simply put, I just wanted to avoid being painted into a corner.

So, Monkey Brain Labs was officially registered in May of 2016 as a tech company that could do anything but aimed to never take itself too seriously. This is why we want to bring fun back to gaming. We want to always give players a fun experience even if it isn’t the most balanced. This is why we put effort into trying to spread our ideology about games being a fun experience for the player over a blank check for a publisher.

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